segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011


Unfortunately my trip has ended, but the moments I lived will never fade away! I'd like to appreciate all of those who supported me during this time, especially the aiesecers who made this intership come true!
I'm pleased everything occured as expected, and even more, it overcame my expectations, talking about cultural shock! Turkish people are so kind and friendly, turkish food is so healthy, the sites .. i don't even need to say about that, the posts are telling better!!
Well, I'll really miss all of this!! It was really really good times .....

I hope you enjoyed this journey ... 

Take care yourselves .. 


Brazilian's Presentation

Brazilian Cultural Night

BiraMania - Celebration

Hagia Sofia


quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011


What's up!!! today I'm in Pamukkale!! the most exotic place I've visited ever!! This period isn't the perfect to enjoy the pools and stuffs but even that I had a lot of fun!! the landscape is nothing less than outstanding!!! it's hard to describe in words ... I just can say I'm glad to be here!!
The sensations in this place makes me think how good is the life!!!
Explaining better about the place, it's a salt hill with thermal water!! the water's temperature reachs 36 celsius degree!! of course I enjoed the opportunite and I swam in the hot water even being 5 celsius degree outside!!!
You can check by yourself what i'm talking about!!!

terça-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2011


Last weekend 3 brazilians and I went to Cappadocia. We rent a car and hit the road for almost 2000km in the total!! the highways here are very good .. we spent 13 hours to go, and 13 hours to back .. stopping by the way to visit places, take pitures, and shopping!!!
Cappadocia region is very famous in the world because of its ballons flights and the wine factories.. I discoved the biggest ballon in the world is there, with the cappacity for 30 people in the basket!!!
The weather there was cold and cloudy on saturday but we could see the landscapes perfectly!! we visited an underground city from the century 5!! we stayed in a cave hostel for the first night, the not a common cave .. a cave with Wi-Fi  =)
On sunday we also visited closes neighborhoods/citys as Urgup, Nevsehir, etc ...
The movie Ghost Rider was being recording there .. starring Nicolas Cage .. but we didn't see him =/
This was the best place I visited so far!!! But tonight I'm going to another amazing site .. Pamukkale!!!
Wait for new posts!!!

Nomade Hostel - Cave

Goreme - Cappadocia Region

4 crazy brazilians


On the Highway

quinta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2011

Merhaba (Hello)

Two days ago I went to Mudanya-Turkey, It's a seashore's city, but instead of sand there are rocks!! anyway it's a beautiful place as you can see on the pictures below!!!
It's been starting my last week here in Bursa - Turkey!!
Tomorrow I'm going to Cappadocia to spend the weekend .. and probably it's gonna be the best trip of these trips here in Turkey!! I've just heard that Nicolas Cage is recording a movie ( Ghost Rider part II) today in Cappadocia .. that's crazy!!!
By the next post I'll pass my trip plan .. I'll be busy everyday till the end of my trip ( Turkey Part)

Mudanya - Turkey

Orange Juice at the Beach

Mudanya - Turkish Beach

domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

S K I !!!!!!!!!

Good Night guys!!

Saturday we brazilians spent all day long at Ulu Montain.. Sking!! It was amazing!!! The weather was perfect..  the montain conditions as well!!!
I fell lots of times .. as everybody, but you know .. we need to learn how to crawl before learn how to walk... so .. it was like that!!
The uluda ( ulu = big , da = montain) is very famous in bursa as a sport complex center and specially in winter it's always crowded of athletes and tourists!! It's very close from downtown .. 15 minutes till the teleferic, and around 20 minutes to the top of the montain!!
You spend up to "50 usd" for all day long, including equipments and clothes!!
thus, next time you come to bursa .. don't forget to visit Uluda!!!

New week starting .. let's go!!!!

sexta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2011

new home

I move out to a new house .. and I don't have internet there, so it's gonna be hard to write here. I'll continue posting as much as I can!! I've been ill since monday ... but i'm getting better!! next week my job restart and I'll have new stories!
Tomorrow morning I'm going to the montain,..I'll take lot of pics for you!!

That's all for now!!!

quarta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2011

home sweet home

This is my home in Gorukle, next to the university!!!
There are a lot of students of course!!!!